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March 31, 2010 Program

Chicago Folk in Black and White                                 

March 31, 2010
6:30 pm

Blackstone Branch Library
4904 S. Lake Park Ave.
In the Auditorium


The ‘60s were a time of great change and upheaval in our nation. That unrest was often heard in the music known as folk. Captured in hundreds of photos, Ray Flerlage recorded the Chicago folk scene as it became the 2nd largest in the country. Join us as the editors of Chicago Folk: Images of the Sixties Music Scene (2009), Ronald D. Cohen and Bob Riesman, share an evening of music and photos of this historic time.

The Despres Family Memorial Lecture Series presented by Friends of Blackstone Branch Library.
The Despres Family Memorial Lecture Series honors the contributions to civic and cultural life made by the Despres Family. The series encourages civic discourse and cultural engagement.


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TOXIC U Presentation at Blackstone Library

TOXIC U Presentation at Blackstone Library

Tyrone Hayes put forth the challenge: if there might be a connection between the use of a chemical and problems in people’s health, shouldn’t something be done? Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes spoke about the effects of atrazine on the environment at Wednesday night’s Despres Family Memorial Lecture Series at Blackstone Library. Dr. Hayes is a developmental endocrinologist at the University of California – Berkeley and is the foremost authority on atrazine’s effects. He was in Illinois to speak before the Illinois House of Representatives Environmental Health Committee about his findings. He has studied the affects of atrazine on frogs since 1998 and Wednesday night he shared the results of other independent studies on a variety of animals that showed similar results.

Dr. Hayes’ talk was followed by Victor Crivello, Co-Chair of the Lake Calumet Vision Committee, who shared the history of the environmental movement in Illinois. His wife, Lynn Crivello, Environmental Services Manager for Chicago Public Schools, shared the environmental challenges found in some of CPS’ aging buildings.

It was an informative evening, challenging all Illinoisans to be active and aware of the dangers surrounding them.

The Despres Family Memorial Lecture Series honors the contributions to civic and cultural life made by the Despres Family: Leon M. Despres – civic leader and former 5th Ward alderman, Marian Despres – founding member of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Samuel Despres – member of the Chicago Public Library Board of Directors at the turn-of-the-century.

When told about the presentation, Despres’s son Robert wrote, “This environmental program is very much in keeping with Dad’s interests.”

The evening was taped by CAN-TV. Keep an eye on our blog for the date and time of its airing.

For more information:

Brenda P. Sawyer

Friends of Blackstone Library

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