Further Action Needed On Library Budget

Our efforts in support of libraries made a difference last week. Twenty-eight aldermen, including Ald. Burns (4th Ward), delivered a letter to the mayor in protest over the cuts in libraries and other important community services. On Friday, November 4th, the mayor announced concessions in some of those cuts including the restoration of $3.3 million to libraries. This still means that two-thirds of the cuts remain including shortened hours and two-thirds of the staff cuts. That is still unacceptable. Our alderman must push for additional concessions.


Here’s what you can do:

1. Contact the alderman to thank him for his continued support of libraries but let him know that more must be done. Every branch in the system will be affected so if you receive this email and you’re not in the 4th Ward (Ald. Will Burns, Ward04@cityofchicago.org), find your alderman’s contact information and let him know that you want a fully functioning library. Let him/her know that the proposed compromise will still leave families without storytime for toddlers, job seekers with more limited access to the internet, and higher wait times for books for all patrons.

2. Express your concern to local newspapers including the Hyde Park Herald (Letters@hpherald.com ), the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Suntimes.

3. If you’re a blogger, let your support for quality libraries be known to your blog community.

4. Show your support at http://www.friendsofblackstone.wordpress.com . Connect with us on Facebook.

Our libraries are strong and vital because they serve ALL Chicago citizens They provide equal access to knowledge, culture, and tools that prepare everyone to participate in a vibrant democracy. No segment of the population is turned away. Let’s keep it that way.


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