Chicago Libraries & Cultural Plan 2012

Chicago Cultural Plan 2012The Dept of Cultural Affairs & Special Events (DCASE) has released early findings on the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012. A summary of the process to-date can be found on the Cultural Plan 2012 site (see the “Blog” drop-down). The Plan was launched to identify opportunities for arts and cultural growth in the city. The development of the plan, under the direction of DCASE head Michelle T. Boone, includes input from grassroots level organizations and citizens, business and government, and lots of research data. The grassroots-level input was gathered during Town Hall and Neighborhood Conversation meetings held across the city from February through April and along with other input, will be used to formulate an implementation plan. The complete Cultural Plan is schedule to be released in Fall 2012.

Of the six dominant themes isolated in the process thus far, one of the top priorities identified was to “ensure vibrant cultural spaces.” And overwhelmingly, Chicago’s library system, with 78 locations in neighborhoods across the city, was seen as a key to solidify this goal.

“…Chicago is one of the leading municipal library systems with … locations throughout Chicago. … these two existing institutions [ the other being the parks] can be the foundation for facilities on which the city can ‘build’.”

That’s what Friends always thought of libraries! Be sure to stay engaged with the process by attending one of the upcoming meetings scheduled in July. For the meeting locations visit Cultural Plan 2012 – Upcoming Town Halls


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