Who’s Driving that Cab?

Interview with Dmitry Samarov

Samarov artwork 2

credit: Dmitry Samarov

Artist and writer Dmitry Samarov enjoys people-watching. And he records what he sees on the printed page (or blog) and on canvas. Born in Moscow, Samarov immigrated to the US in 1978. After completing a degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he tried his hand at lots of different jobs while continuing with his art. He “lucked into” cab driving while in Boston and continued it here in Chicago until recently.

FOB: You are an artist by training and desire? What about writing?

DMITRY: I became a writer by accident. Driving a cab, the crazy day job, made me want to write. I heard so many stories that needed to be told. I made something of driving. It gave me exposure to all kinds of people and I like people watching.

FOB: What is it about watching and listening [to people] that you like?

DMITRY: As a creative person, I love seeing and recording others. It’s my job. That is, passing the stuff from the outside world to others. Maybe others will see something that they recognize.

FOB: What makes that recognition part important to you?

DMITRY: It’s what I do. It’s my job to show my viewers the world that they live in.

FOB: Are there larger lessons for people to draw from your work?

DMITRY: No, no larger conclusions. It’s not my role to draw bigger conclusions. I’m a recorder, not an interpreter. And the deeper meanings often come later.

FOB: How long have you been drawing?

DMITRY: Always. I doodled as a kid. I did caricature drawings of teachers and students in school.

FOB: You were born in the USSR. How did that influence you?

DMITRY: It makes me see things as an outsider because I am one. I was born in Moscow and moved to Boston in 1978. I’ve never been back but it’s not the same place since the 1990s.


Friends of Blackstone Library presents Dmitry Samarov Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 in “Hack”, 6-7:30pm. Blackstone Library is located at 4904 S. Lake Park Ave. Blackstone Branch Library is part of Chicago Public Library system.


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