Who’s Driving That Cab?, Part 2

Interview with Dmitry Samarov, Part 2

Samarov artwork 3

credit: Dmitry Samarov

Artist and writer Dmitry Samarov drove cabs for twelve years. He stopped this year. Samarov talks with FOB about his post-driving life.

FOB: You stopped driving a cab in June this year. What was it like to end that period of life for you?

DMITRY: I wrote about the end for Gadling“Notes From A Retired Cab Driver”. When it came, I said goodbye to some of the cabbies I’d gotten to know and regular customers. But I don’t miss it at all. It’s such a different life being awake when other people are and not driving all night. I didn’t really think about not driving until the Kick Starter project. And then it seemed like a real possibility. I weighed a lot of factors like the survival of my personal relationships.

FOB: What was your Kick Starter project about?

DMITRY: I decided to do Kick Starter after my royalty check from the book wasn’t what I expected. So Kick Starter was replacement funds but then I began to think about it as a way to stop driving. It’s funding the finish of my second book. The way it works is that for different levels of support, you get a different reward, like a signed copy of a book or a picture I’ve already done or a requested picture. My most interesting request was for a picture of White Sox player Adam Dunn holding a copy of the children’s book Summer of the Monkeys. (Samarov illustrations)

FOB: There’s a film project with filmmaker John McNaughton. Tell us about that.

DMITRY: I met John through Tony Fitzpatrick. They wanted to make a film about my life but it’s turned into a TV show pilot. John has written almost a full season and a short clip about my last days driving is available now. I see myself consulting on this project but I have no acting aspirations. Maybe I’ll provide some artwork too.

FOB: What do you hope people will walk away with Wednesday night at Blackstone?

DMITRY: I’m always hoping to communicate the life of the city. I hope the audience recognizes the world they live in or at least some part of it. And I hope I’m not alone in what I see.


Friends of Blackstone Library presents Dmitry Samarov Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 in “Hack”, 6-7:30pm. Blackstone Library is located at 4904 S. Lake Park Ave. Blackstone Branch Library is part of the Chicago Public Library system.


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