We Won!

How cool is this! And you thought libraries were only about books! They’re really about ideas! Congratulations Chicago Public Library’s Maker Lab on winning the 2013 Social Innovator’s Award! They’re hosting a Maker Share Tuesday, November 12th, 6-8 pm in the Maker Lab, 400 S. State St. Share your creations and meet others in this growing maker community.

ChiPubLib Maker Lab

Maker Lab staff pose with the Innovation Award

The Maker Lab won the inaugural Social Innovator Award at the 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards Wednesday night! We waited in the wings as the presenter introduced video of Library Commissioner Brian Bannon speaking about the Library and the lab. We walked out on stage under the spotlight and looked out into a crowd of innovators cheering us on. To say it was awesome is an understatement.

(Check out our press release for all the details.)

In 2012, the Maker Lab was an idea. In 2013, the Maker Lab has been visited by thousands. Workshops are full, your feedback has been constructive and we have learned so much. Thanks to each of you who have visited, tweeted or told a friend about us. And thanks to the local maker community for your support and enthusiasm. The experience of learning, making and discovering with you has been one of a kind.

Displaying the Innovation Award in the Maker Lab


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