What’s New at Chicago Public Library?

In the library

In the library (Photo credit: YLev)

If you’ve stopped in the library lately or gotten an email from them, you’ve might have noticed some changes. Here are just a few:

The number of times you can renew materials has increased from three to fifteen! Now what does that say about your reading habits? If you’re like me, you’ve checked out way more than you can get through in 3 weeks. Add to that the books you bought from the bookstore and voila! Thank goodness for more renewals. Of course, if someone puts a hold on the item, it’s back to the library. Oh well.

Tired of making unintended donations to the library through fines? Wish someone would remind you when that book or movie is due? (Especially that movie!) Give the library your email and they’ll send you a reminder 2 days before the due date of each item. No more unsolicited donations!

Get that call telling you that your hold is ready? Which one? Well, with that same email you’ll be told which item just arrived. What’s arriving doesn’t have to be a mystery.

A few other newsworthy items:

  • You can check out a laptop for use in the library
  • A full version of MS Office is now installed on all computers
  • Covered drinks are now allowed
  • Looking for that special cookbook or one on soapmaking? Now your hold may cause that book to be purchased by the library. For a limited time certain requests will allow patrons to give the library direct input on adding to the collection.

All of these moves are part of an effort to listen and respond to patrons. A new website is set to launch bringing lots of new features to users’ fingertips. A version of the site will available for users to test, providing feedback before a final switch. Look out for more news on the library website.


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