Great Evening with AREA Chicago


It was a cold wintry night but a little hot tea and coffee and great conversation warmed us up for a wonderful evening with AREA Chicago and the question of “Writing Children.” Presenters from three different projects shared the challenges they found in recording the voices of children – their thoughts, their feelings, their opinions, their responses to what’s happening around them and to them. Barriers like not actively listening, judging what they say or adult control all played a factor in children not being accurately portrayed. The children were always honest when given the chance to express themselves and most readily responded to adults they had some rapport with and trusted. So the real key is how adults will choose to make room for these authentic independent voices.

AREA Chicago will host other presentations this year for their Issue #14 Kids! Check their website for more info – And look out for the printed issue coming this spring.

We have a few more posts on this topic of children in Chicago so keep watching!

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