The Mission of the Friends of the Blackstone Branch Library is:

  • To build a partnership between the library and the community
  • To build awareness of the library’s resources and services
  • To encourage volunteer services and activities on behalf of the library
  • To raise funds and solicit gifts to provide more pre-school and school-age programs
  • To maintain Blackstone as a key cultural institution in Hyde Park and the city of Chicago

Interested in joining the Friends of Blackstone? Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month @ 6PM:

Blackstone Library
4904 S. Lake Park Ave.
Classroom, lower level

For more information, contact Brenda P. Sawyer at literaryjoy-voices@yahoo.com

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  1. joan hull

    Hi: I might be relocating to Hyde Park from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our district library has what is called the Friends Book Shoppe, which is open every Saturday & Sunday and is a room full of used books that they are selling–all books are $1 and $2 but rare are at a much higher cost. It is just like a used book store–only run by the library. Do you have anything like this? Or do you know if any of the other branches have? Please let me know. Thanks. Joanie

    • Gretchen Rings

      Hi Joan,

      Thanks for your inquiry. The Hyde Park branch does have books for sale, as does Harold Washington, the main branch downtown. Neither location has a Friends shop, however. Just an informal area for browsing…it’s always been surprising to me that CPL (Chicago Public Library) doesn’t have a shop of some kind, since they could do a lot more with branding than they do, e.g. sell mugs, book bags, etc. I hope your transition to Hyde Park from Ann Arbor is a smooth one.