Despres Family Lectures

The Despres Family Memorial Lecture Series


5001904133_b0545c99e4WRITING CHILDREN

January 22, 2014
6:00 pm

How do we capture the voices of children? In their forthcoming edition, Issue #14 Kids!AREA Chicago looks at what it means to grow up as a child in Chicago. Contributors to this issue will discuss how we write about children and with them. What roles are cast for children –as others, counterparts, recipients, or ingénues—by differing approaches to capturing their voices? How do the ways that we write children reflect, propel, or resist broader societal understandings of what childhood is, and of who is considered a child?

Participants include artists Chiara Galimberti and Nicole Marroquin, videographer Jake Klippenstein. It will be moderated by writer and musician Mohamed Mehdi and artist Sarah Mendelsohn.

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